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Why Apply?

The benefits of web-based ERP

Partner Types


Become an Affiliate to receive basic training and collaborate with Megaventory independently. You are free to choose the type and level of the resources you will dedicate.

Ideal for: individuals or small companies offering software, business consulting or accounting services, existing Megaventory clients.

Value Added Partner

Join us as a Value Added Partner and enjoy many benefits such as rich training, technical and sales material and support as well as many promotion perks. To be eligible to participate you are required to offer dedicated staff and support.

Ideal for: medium-sized companies offering software, business consulting or accounting services

Premium Partner

Premium Partners enjoy the benefits of Value Added Partners in addition to having access and being able to extend the Megaventory platform.

Ideal for: large companies with existing infrastructure and access.

Who is this for?


If you are already offering your accounting services to a number of companies they are bound to be asking you for ERP suggestions. If you refer them to Megaventory and they successfully sign up as paying clients you get an ongoing commission per sign up - simple as that!

Suggested partner type: Affiliate or Value Added Partner

Developers/Software Houses

Whether you are an individual developer or a software house interested in creating an additional revenue stream for your business, Megaventory is the service for you. Use the API layer to bundle a solution that includes Megaventory and offer your setup, support and development services to your prospective clients and everyone wins.

Suggested partner type: Affiliate or Value Added Partner (Developers), Value Added or Premium Partner (Software Houses)

Business Consultants

Regardless of the type of consulting you offer to your clients, Megaventory can form the base for a technical, financial or business solution. On top of that you can provide your own expertise in business optimization or addressing specific company needs.

Suggested partner type: Value Added or Premium Partner

Existing Clients

Are you an existing client of Megaventory? We bet you are happy with the level of quality we've built into our product. Why just benefit from its superior features and not by referring Megaventory to fellow businessmen and your network of companies as well? And upon their successful sign up you extend your Megaventory usage!

Suggested partner type: Affiliate