Megaventory Partners - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the partner program work? How do I earn money?

Following a successful aplication to become a Megaventory partner, you will have access to our partners area, where you will see your own unique URL. Use this to send traffic to our website. You can view all the visits, trials and paid conversions in the partners' area, where they will be tracked. For every sale originated by one of your clients, you will receive a commission in your account. That is ongoing for the duration of their subscription. It really depends on how many new people you get to signup, and the amount of them that will convert to premium.

How much can I earn?

This depends on the amount of accounts you will refer, and the conversion rate of those to paid clients. There is no upper limit to the accounts you can refer and thus the amount you can earn.

How will I get my commission?

The basic commission is 20% on each sale (existing Megaventory clients extend their subscription time instead). In order to receive this, you need a PayPal account. It is free to create one.

Do you track re-visits of the users I referred and for how long?

Of course. The users you refer may decide to sign up at a later stage. We will still consider them as your clients for up to 60 days after the first click of your referral link and pass the sale commission to you.